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LLumar Films (Pty) Ltd is PG Group Company.Glass Window Tinting Films-Leading window film suppliers, LLumar distributes high-quality glass window films throughout South Africa. When window tint installation experts want the best glass window tinting, LLumar is the only brand in the game. Contact us for more information about LLumar products.Our wide selection of glass window film products encompasses all aspects of window tinting. Our tinting solutions cover all automotive glass tinting and architectural glass window tinting.Our glass window films are designed to have different functions and are specifically crafted to best fulfil individual requirements. Our products have been created to ensure that these key areas are addressed:LLumar films offer protection from various environmental circumstances such as UV radiation, protects against wear to extend longevity and safeguards people and property.Create a private haven within a public space with our stock of tinted glass window films, designed to limit unwanted attention in your personal space.Glass window tinting is the perfect tool to leave a lasting first impression. We have a selection of decorative film products that transform the dreary into the dazzling.Glass window tinting has many benefits and all these areas are addressed in different manners with the installation of any one of our tinting film products.Anti Smash & Grab film Film to help protect vehicles paint Film to help protect headlights.Film to make windows safer,Film to improve energy efficiency, Film to decorate windows, Film to block heat & glare,Window tinting.Does your window tint installer stock the world-renowned quality of LLumar? Locate an architectural window film installer or automotive window film installer and be assured you are fitted with the best in the industry.

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  • Category : Fix It - Sub Category : Car servicing and performance
  • Xtreme Audio George is in George , Western Cape
  • Xtreme Audio George is located at
    34 Langenhoven Street, George 6530
  • Contact person : Xtreme Audio George
  • Telephone Number : 044-8747016
  • Cell Number : 083-3603795
  • Email address : xtremeaudio@gmail.com
  • Website : www.llumar.co.za


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