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W Cafe Melrose Arch

Woolworths have made a commitment to sell the Barefootballs in all W Cafe’s nationwide. Show your support for Africa and the environment and buy a Barefootball at any W Cafe. You’ll also be able to buy exclusively designed barefootball shopping bags in all Woolworths stores nationwide.You can get the amazing W Cafe organic cappuccinos, lattes, mocha and a whole lot of teas take-away!It’s not always easy to find eco coffee shops and restaurants that really live up to their green claims, but W Café in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg is a venue that does. Put it on your café-hopping list if you’re in search of eco-friendly and delicious meals. A quick glance at the menu is already enough to get your green juices flowing. The restaurant states that their food does not contain any colourants, preservatives or genetically-modified ingredients. Sounds good to us! All foods are produced on the spot in the kitchen, thus ensuring that what you’re served is fresh and there are no carbon footprint miles notched up because ingredients had to be shipped in from somewhere else. When deciding on what to eat, enjoy the variety of being able to create your own meals on a whim. Some ideas: choose healthy breads, such as pumpkin seed rye or low GI, for scrumptious sandwiches (the Welsh rarebit is a must-try!), or a deliciously filling omelet made from free range eggs. To drink, there’s organic coffee sourced from environmentally-responsible producers who use approved farming methods. At W Café you will not only savour the food that is fresh and looks good, but you’ll also feel happy knowing that it’s scoring high on environmental consciousness. When getting a seat at W Café, you’ll be sure to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings. A table outside will afford you views of the Melrose Arch piazza so you can people-watch while you tuck into a revitalising meal; on the other hand, a seat inside the classy, trendy yet serene restaurant is a great place for a round of gossip with a friend. It’s a comfortable yet elegant spot that’s perfect if you need to unwind and give your stomach some TLC.

  • Est ID : 33888
  • Category : Eat Out - Sub Category : Coffee Shop
  • W Cafe Melrose Arch is in Johannesburg , Gauteng
  • W Cafe Melrose Arch is located at
    Melrose Arch,gauteng
  • Contact person : W Cafe Melrose Arch
  • Telephone Number : (011) 994 9800
  • Cell Number : (011) 994 9800
  • Email address : custserv@woolworths.co.za
  • Website : www.woolworths.co.za


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