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XDSL NEtworking Solutions

Driven and dynamic, XDSL is an Internet Solution Provider (ISP) with a difference. A wealth of technical expertise and creativity is channelled into the companyís commitment to ongoing development. The Internet does not stand still so why should XDSL? Strong relationships with carefully selected vendors allow us to offer our customers enhanced solutions that smaller independent ISPs cannot match. We collaborate with reputable companies in the ICT business arena and have built a formidable network of business partners. We take pride in our ability to offer affordable products to SMEs and consumers without having to cut corners, while simultaneously delivering unfailingly on our promise of hassle free service. The technicians and developers within our XDSL family are of the highest calibre. Motivated and enthusiastic, we strive to be the best. This philosophy extends from self development to our chosen fields of expertise and customer service excellence. XDSL is addicted to technology.XDSLís Managed Firewalls are designed to protect your confidential, corporate and customer data from unauthorised users by blocking and permitting traffic on your network. In todays environment of hackers this service is invaluable as it enforces your security policy.ADSL is still one of the cheapest methods to access the internet. Telkom offers ADSL lines as a best effort service which means there are no guarantees on either throughput or uptime. XDSL have developed ADSL products specifically for Businesses users. This is where XDSL stand head and shoulder above our competition. Businesses will enjoy fast speed with very low contention ratioís ensuring very fast speeds and better throughput, as well as enjoy priority support above home users. As a business you will gain much more than with any of our competition. XDSL is focused on delivering the best service that you will enjoy as if you were in a first world country.

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  • Category : Get Service - Sub Category : Internet Service Providers
  • XDSL NEtworking Solutions is in Centurion , Gauteng
  • XDSL NEtworking Solutions is located at
    272 West Street - Block D - 1st Floor Lakefields Office Park c/o Lenchen Ave & West Street, Centurion 0157
  • Contact person : X-DSL NEtworking Solutions
  • Telephone Number : 0861009375
  • Cell Number : 0879800375
  • Fax Number : 0866738150
  • Email address : support@xdsl.co.za;sales@xdsl.co.za;admin@xdsl.co.za
  • Website : www.xdsl.co.za

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