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American Swiss GREENACRES

American Swiss Jewellers is the largest jewellery chain in southern Africa with the brand positioned to appeal to the fashion-forward and image-conscious customer, offering consumers in the growing middle market appropriate products and brands to express their status. It is highly visible in shopping centres and in the media, making its fashion statements with confidence and flair. The brand characteristics of confidence, glamour and fashion are reflected consistently in every touch-point the consumer has with the brand. The brand has traded successfully for more than 100 years and as a result has built up large and loyal followings in the market-place. The Jewellery division is the leading player in the mass middle market for jewellery and branded accessories, having attained this position by offering attractive and inviting retail environments, extensive product ranges, desirable brands and outstanding service. Its strategic approach is to differentiate products so as to offer real choice to customers, and merchandise is obtained from all parts of the world, including products designed and manufactured locally for the southern African market, to ensure that innovation and trend-setting is ongoing.

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  • Category : Go Shop - Sub Category : Jewellery
  • American Swiss GREENACRES is in Port Elizabeth , Eastern Cape
  • American Swiss GREENACRES is located at
  • Telephone Number : 0413994540
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