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Mimmos Rock Cottage

You’re always welcome with your family, after all, no one else makes you feel quite as comfortable. The same can be said of Mimmos, South Africa’s number one Italian Family restaurant. Mimmos accent on family stems from the fact that it has been created, nurtured and grown through family members. The restaurant chain’s special flavour and lips smacking Italian dishes have been lovingly concocted by the eponymous Mimmo Cioffi and his mother, affectionately know as Mamma Mimmo. Mimmo was one of three friends – including Tasos Demetriades and Costa Nicolaidis – who 17 years ago, signed the ;lease to Kensington premises that would become the site of the very first Mimmos restaurant. Back then, the three couldn’t possibly imagine that their brainchild would reach its current heights. In fact their intention was to open a personalized pizzeria, rather to establish a brand.

  • Est ID : 24332
  • Category : Eat Out - Sub Category : Restaurant
  • Mimmos Rock Cottage is in Johannesburg , Gauteng
  • Mimmos Rock Cottage is located at
    Shop #2,Rock Cottage Shopping Centre,Cnr John Vorster & C.R. Swarts Str,Weltervreden Park,1709.
  • Contact person : Naven
  • Telephone Number : (011) 795 4288
  • Cell Number : (011) 795 4288
  • Fax Number : (011) 794 1081
  • Email address : info@mimmos.co.za
  • Website : www.mimmos.co.za


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