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Wimpy Klawer 1 Stop

Wimpy is one of the leading restaurant franchise groups in South Africa with 400 branches across the country. It was originally started in the UK but has been truly successful in South Africa. The franchise has now spread internationally with branches in over 23 countries. Wimpy first opened in South Africa in Durban in 1967 and sold to Bakers SA Ltd in the late 1970s and later to the Steers Holdings Group. On 27 February 2007, “Famous Brands”, which currently owns the Wimpy franchise in South Africa, announced that it had acquired Wimpy UK. Having acquired the brand, “Famous Brands” has re-branded Wimpy in the UK to bring it in line with Wimpy South Africa. The “new” logo is actually the one used by Wimpy UK from the 1960s until the 1980s. While Wimpy specializes mainly in burger products, it has many more dishes to choose from such as the wonderful Wimpy breakfasts, salads, milk shakes, waffles, coffees, desserts and more.

  • Est ID : 20658
  • Category : Eat Out - Sub Category : Restaurant
  • Wimpy Klawer 1 Stop is in Cape Town , Western Cape
  • Wimpy Klawer 1 Stop is located at
    Klawer 1 Stop N7 Klawer 8145
  • Contact person : Wimpy Klawer 1 Stop
  • Telephone Number : 027 216 1816
  • Cell Number : 027 216 1816
  • Email address : info@wimpy.co.za
  • Website : www.wimpy.co.za


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