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Joining rate-itTop

Why do people choose to join Rate-it?

First and foremost because it's FUN!! And it's the best place to express your opinions freely on an unbiased public forum. In doing so earning rewards for giving quality feedback.

Is there an age restriction to becoming a member of rate-it?

You must be at least 18 years of age to join OR you must be 16 to 17 years of age and have parental or legal guardian permission to join.


How much are R-bucks worth?

R-bucks are NOT directly related to a Rand value and cannot be redeemed for cash. R-bucks are rewards that are earned for giving real quality feedback. Once a certain amount of R-bucks have been accumulated they can be exchanged for entries to win great prizes of saved for discounted getaways.

How do I earn R-bucks and what are the limitations?

You earn R-bucks by doing the following and you can only do certain things

Action                                                                    R-bucks earned                  Limit

Enroll as a member                                              10 R-bucks            Once only, upon enrollments

Complete member profile                               40 R-bucks            Once only, once initial profile setup

Update member profile 1X /yr                       40 R-bucks            Can only be updated once a year

Enrolling a friend                                                    5 R-bucks             Up to 20 friends per year will earn you points

Engaging in a general poll                                20 R%u2013bucks            

General incentives                                             30 R-bucks              Only 1 general incentive can be earned monthly    
SMS Ratings Premium rated R2.                   25 R %u2013bucks            Unlimited SMS R-bucks can be earned anytime     

Nominate a provider (when accepted)     25 R-bucks               You must have received service from this provider


Online Ratings                                                    Quick rating             Full Rating         Maximum per week    

Eat Out                                                                  10 R-bucks               40 R-bucks         10 per week (Max 3)

Sleep Out                                                             25 R-bucks              100 R-bucks        5 per week (Max 1)

Go Out                                                                  10 R-bucks               40 R-bucks         5 per week (Max 1)

Go travel                                                              15 R-bucks               60 R-bucks         5 per week (Max 2)

Go shop                                                                  5 R-bucks               20 R-bucks         20 per week (Max 1)

Shape up                                                              10 R-bucks               40 R-bucks         5 per week (Max 1)

Fix it                                                                       20 R-bucks               80 R-bucks          5 per week (Max 3)

Get service                                                           5 R-bucks               20 R-bucks           5 per week (Max 3)

Media                                                                     5 R-bucks               20 R-bucks          20 per week (Max 1)

Is there a limit to how many R-bucks I can earn?

There is no limit to the amount of R-bucks you can earn. But there are limitations in place to limit the amount of FREE R-bucks you can earn in one month. This is purely to inspire real quality feedback Rate-it does not tolerate spam reviews or bogus ratings. Remember every time you send a SMS rating you earn 25 R-bucks and you can earn unlimited R-bucks this way.

Do my R-bucks Expire?

Your r-bucks will only expire if your account is in a credit with R-bucks and has been inactive for a period of 12 months.

How do I redeem my R-bucks?

Firstly you would have to choose your preferred prize or getaway from the R-buck rewards page. Once you have chosen a prize you may spend as many R-bucks as you like on entries for that prize. The more entries received the more likely you are to WIN. Should you want to redeem a discounted getaway please email info@rate-it.co.za send your name, address the cell phone number used to access the account with the value of r-bucks you wish to redeem and the desired location you would like to go and stay .Once the request has been received we can source various options for your getaway. Once confirmed the r-bucks will be deducted from your account.

How many R-bucks do I need to redeem a product?

Prize draw (can be entered any time when points are available) 100 to 1000 R-Bucks
50% off a selected holiday getaway
3 900 R-Bucks
Free weekend break special getaway per person
12 000 R-Bucks

How much time is it going to take me before I can redeem a reward?

With Just 30 min per month within a 6 month cycle a member could easily earn over 3200 R-bucks absolutely for FREE and get 16 entries to win great prizes or be halfway to that 50% discounted weekend getaway.

If I redeem my R-bucks how will I get my reward?

All transactions will be confirmed via e-mail prior to your prize delivery or discounted getaway.

How often does my R-bucks account get updated?

Unless stated otherwise, R-bucks are updated after you have completed an online survey or sent a SMS. The review and location have to be verified as legitimate and your account has to be active.

Can I pass on rewards to friend and family?

Yes you can pass on your rewards to friends and family when you win or hand that discounted getaway to that someone special. You may however not transfer your r-bucks from one account to another.

Rating itTop

How do I give my opinion by SMS?

Ask yourself the question - How strongly would I recommend this establishment or experience?

SMS - 6 for Exceptional to 1 for Pathetic, then the establishment name * and location E.g. 5 Jacks Hotel *Rosebank Johannesburg
SMS to 34870 - SMS Charged at R2-00 each

What are the rate-it %u201CBig-5%u201Dquestions?

These are 5 industry standard questions to allow for a across the board comparative view against similar establishments in categories.

Why do the questions vary between some of the products?

Each product has the Big-5 standard questions then an additional 10 questions which are set by the product owner.

Can my family rate the same eat out or sleep out experience?

Yes they can but only if they are registered members

The Establishment I want to rate is not on your site?

There are hundreds of thousands of establishment%u2019s nationwide, and we don%u2019t have them all So we encourage our members to add any establishments not listed. We require the establishment name location type of establishment a telephone number and of course your opinion. In return you will earn your R-bucks for rating the establishment once it has been verified.

Account informationTop

How can I update my registration information?

To change your registration information, you must first log in, then select "account settings" and update your information.

How do I change my password?

Log in to your account.
Click on "account settings" on top navigation bar.
Fill in change password.
Fill in confirm password.
Click "Modify".

What if I change my email address?

Log in to your account.
Click on "My Details" on the top navigation bar.
Change your email address.
Click "Modify".

What if I change my cell phone number ?

As your cell phone number is the primary login method please contact us on info@rate-it.co.za and we will gladly change your login details.

Forgot login informationTop

Where do I go if I have forgotten my password, account number or email address?

Click here and complete the form. We will then email you with the information.

Online surveysTop

What are online surveys?

From Time to time rate-it conducts online surveys amongst its members to gauge general opinions and gain market knowledge

What is the process for taking online surveys?

Surveys are sent by email and can be taken at your leisure. All you need is a computer and Internet access. On average, it takes 15 minutes to complete an online survey.

How can I receive more online surveys?

Complete all of your profile information of your account once yearly. Keeping these profiles complete and up to date will result in more online survey invitations for you.

Please be aware the number of online surveys each participant will receive in any given month initially is limited to one. The number of online surveys available relates to the demographic our clients are searching for.

Refer a friendTop

Do I earn anything for referring a friend?

You will earn 5 R-bucks every time you refer a friend. We will credit your account as soon as the person you have referred logs in for the first time. You will initially be limited to earning R-bucks on the first 20 referrals per year.

How do I track my referrals?

Log into your member zone and check your R-bucks to see if your friends

Security and privacyTop

Is rate-it a secure site?

Please view our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer and see how your personal information is protected.

What exactly will rate-it do with the data it collects?

We will calculate aggregate results by combining your responses with those provided by other members who have also completed the online questioners. The data is stored in a database that can be analyzed by our subscribers. Your personal data will never be revealed, without your permission. For further details, please refer to our privacy policy.

How do I cancel my rate-it membership?Top

Email your details to info@rate-it.co.za expressly stating cancel in the subject box


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